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South Florida Inshore Fishing

South Florida Sport Fishing with Captain Rich

Capt Rich has spent his entire life chasing monster sport fish in Miami, Ft Lauderdale & Biscayne Bay.  Shadowline Sport Fishing specializes in inshore fishing where the bait and gamefish are ample as are the opportunities to catch a fish of a lifetime!  Whether you and your family are new to fishing or a seasoned veteral looking for a 200 lb tarpon on the fly rod, we can show you the bounty of what this rich fishery has to offer.  Email me at captrich@shadowlinesportfishing.comor call 786-269-7329 to tailor your personalized fishing trip.

Inshore vs. Offshore

A common saying on the water is that 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish.  Mathematics aside, fish are undoubtably more densly concentrated inshore than in the vast expanse of ocean off the coast.  Inshore waters are nurseries where most fish spend their beginning years growing up and large preditory fish make their living cruising the bay looking for their next meal.  Seemingly calm coastal waters are home to hundred pound tarpon, 500 lb goliath grouper and 1,000 lb hammerheads which prefer coastal tides to bring their food to them rather than roaming the vast ocean in search of food.  However, these big fish didn't grow to that size without tricks of their own!  Many times you will only have inches to stop several hundred pounds of solid fish muscle before they wrap you around the structure they call home.  Bring your A game and make sure you are ready for war, because you and your skills will be tested!

The Boat

Cruise the bay with a 20' Bob Hewes with a 175 horsepower engine to zip around Florida's Biscayne Bay in search of the big boys.  The boat comfortable seats 3 anglers with a large flat bow offering plenty of space for fly fishermen and open space to battle huge fish.  We provide all the gear but have plenty of rod holders if you prefer to use your favorite gear.  With two big livewells to keep baits frisky and coolers for beverages and the catch of the day this boat serves as the ultimate ride to enjoy your time on the water. Even after spending my life growing up on the water I still have days where I leave the water with sore muscles after battling some bruisers.  Don't be surprised if your muscles gas out in the middle of your first fight!

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