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Captain Rich is the man!  I haven't done much fishing in my life, but he suggested I book a trip with him on the opening day of snook season.  Before the clock struck midnight we kept busy catching snapper, progies & margates.  As the opening hour neared we moved into position at one of the local Miami inlets.  At the strike of 12:00 I tossed in a life-like articial lure and on the first retrieve had a fish nearly rip the rod out of my hand!  The fish took to the air and Captain Rich announced it was a tarpon.  I battled the fish for what felt like an eternity before we were able to lip it with the boga grip for a quick picture with my first tarpon!  The captain was happy with the start, but it wasn't the fish we had in mind.  We switched lures and sure enough connected on the next cast!  This fish didn't show itself during the fight and we kept out fingers crossed for a snook.  After the battle a healthy sized snook came in the boat which taped at 30 inches and Rich declared was a keeper!  With a few snapper in the box, I decided to wanted to let my first snook go.  I grabbed a quick pic and watched the beautiful fish swim away feeling like I earned some good karma.  I decided I liked the arial display put on by the tarpon so we switched back to the original lure and it wasn't long before I was hooked into my second tarpon! We jumped several more tarpon which were pro's at taking to the air & jumping off the hook!  I wasn't worried as was happy just to see those fish flying out of the water!  As the tide slowed, so did the bite and we decided to call it a night.  I was happy to head home with fresh fillets my cooler and a sore arm after enjoying a wonderful evening fishing in Miami for snook and tarpon. 

-Jordan Johnson, Orlando, FL 2/1/12

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Captain Rich and Shadowline Sport Fishing.  Although I have spent the last decade living and working near (and in) the ocean, I had never fished a day in my life until I went with Captain Rich.   He knew how to take cues from the birds, water motion, and light patterns to put us in the best spots to catch fish.  In less than an hour, I was baiting my own hook, casting, and reeling in fish after fish!  It was a great day on the water and a fantastic first experience with fishing.  Thanks Shadowline!

-Carolyn Margolin
, Miami Beach, FL - 12/17/11

I was fortunate enough to go fishing with Captain Rich, and it was a great time.  I'm far from a seasoned fisherwoman, but Rich made the process fun, easy and incredibly rewarding.  He knew all the best "locals only" spots and was eager to answer all my questions.  I'd highly recommend fishing with Captain Rich as a great way to take in a side of Miami a lot of other people don't have the chance to experience.

-Sonya Klein, Santa Monica, CA - 12/03/11

I met Captain Rich when he surfaced with a huge snapper flopping on the end of his spear.  Though I wasn't on a trip with him, we both had the same game plan to battle some sharks as the sun was beginning to set.  I remember laughing at him when he returned to the spot with his "Gear" which looked like it could winch in an 18 wheeler.  I kept poking fun at him as he rigged up a hook & leader equally as ridiculous as his rod & reel.  He quietly went about his business of setting the lines with equally gigantic baits as I continued to tease him.  After setting up he quickly started cleaning the snapper he had speared to get the scent in the water.  After cleaning not more than 3 or 4 snapper the obnoxiously loud clacker started to go off on his massive rod & reel.  He set back with enough force to dislodge the hook from the massive bait and stuck the shark which quickly burned off a hundred yards of line.  Capt Rich made quick work of the shark and quickly released a 4 foot blacktip shark.  Though I was impressed his big bait got the bite I still jabbed with "See, I told you that was too much muscle for these sharks."  He quietly smiled and set out a bigger bait which I thought thought was just to get under my skin.  He resumed cleaning the rest of the days spearfishing catch and all the rods were quiet.  The sun had finally set, and Rich sat down for the first time since I had met him.  I continued to tease him about the dinner sized bait he had in the water and told him to get comfortable in his chair because nothing was going to eat that.  Time passed as we swapped fishing stories which seemed like tall tails at the time.  In the midst of embellishing about a recent catch the calm was once again broken by the deafening loud clacker on his reel.  Rich quickly picked up the rod and put enough force into the hook-set to break the massive rod in two.  Only the rod didn't move back an inch.  Line started SCREAMING off the reel as I sat there dumbfounded at what could have engulfed his 5 pound bait in one bite.  Still zipping away at full speed the shark jumped clear out of the water and the only way I can describe the resulting splash was that it looked like someone drove their Volkswagen off a bridge.  No joke it was a splash like those great whites on shark week.  Unfortunately, the shark dislodged the hook with the jump, but I remember thinking at that moment that Rich would need a bigger rod & reel to land that several hundred pound shark.  That was my first time meeting Captain Rich and we have been shark fishing together ever since.  Feel free to ask for me by name and maybe I'll join you as the mate for an unforgettable night of shark fishing.

-Zackary Taylor, Key Biscayne, FL - 9/17/11

By no means am I a professional fisherman, however in my many years of fishing with Capt Rich I must admit there have been quite a few times I felt like I was in the midst of a master. This man knows his fish, period. Whether theirs rain or shine, hurricane or not, he knows the best tactics to find and hook monster fish! Captain Rich and I have been fishing since high school bridge hoping, running down to the keys, and in the old days taking out his trusty 12ft aluminum flats boat.  He always knew the best spots and the right tactics to put us on fish. His dedication and commitment to making every trip an enjoyable one easily puts him in league with the best fishermen out there. I highly recommend Captain Rich, and I know when I have kids their first few fishing trips will definitely be with him!

-Richard Thomas, Miami, FL - Lifelong fishing companion
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