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Target Species

Snook (3 - 50 pounds)
Snook are Florida's renown inshore gamefish.  This fish changes your mind about the intelligence of fish and after catching one, many anglers stop fishing for anything else!  Notoriously hard to fool and even harder to stop once hooked.  A broad tail gives them amazing thrust sometimes propelling them well out of the water on graceful jumps and vicious headshakes.  With this combination of brain and brawn don't be surprised if this fish soon becomes the only fish you care to chase!

Tarpon (10 - 200+ pounds)
The silver king is the snook's topwater big brother.  This fish is highly revered by a community of international anglers as this fish takes to the air when hooked!  Its hard to associate a 100 pound fish spending as much time in the air as in the water during a battle, but when you see it for yourself you will understand what keeps anglers loyal to the mighty silver king!

Speckled Sea Trout (1 - 10 pounds)
Perhaps one of the most unassuming of South Florida’s game fish and under pursued on local waters.  This delicious game fish hangs out on the grass flats and affords an excellent chance to test your skills with a fly rod.  Though trout lack the mammoth size of snook and tarpon, they commonly school is dense populations affording non-stop action for groups of anglers not interested in the back straining labor of landing a 200 pound tarpon.  Take a quick look in the photo gallery as many consider this spotted fish on of Florida's most photogenic fish.

Shark (5 - 500 pounds)
There is just something special about looking back on pictures conquering a species that can take a chunk out of you.  There are always local species residing in South Florida year-around mixed in with seasonal species such as the spinner sharks which put on spectacular aerial displays.  Be sure to notify me in advance if you want to tangle with one of these bruisers and I will prepare the big rods and fighting belt!

Barracuda (1 - 50 pounds)
Perhaps the most fearsome and menacing of the salt water species barracuda are spectacular fighters at the end of a fishing line.  This fish which makes a living on its speed can peel out hundreds of yards of line in the blink of an eye!  That speed takes them 10 to 20 feet well out of the water when they go verticle sometimes jumping clear over boats!  Be sure to keep your fingers to yourself and let us handle this fish with a notoriously bad attitude if you tangle with perhaps the speediest fish in the local waters. 

Jack Crevalle (1 - 50 pounds)
This bruiser is undoubtably the most underrated of all Florida’s game fish and pound-for-pound one of the strongest fish you will tangle with.  With a very large forked tail built for propulsion, they do just that when hooked.  THEY GO!!!  When this stubborn and hard fighting fish stops peeling your line to take a breather the hard part for you begins as you attempt to reel in this doormat sized fish sideways through the water.  Just as you’ve managed to pull this broad sided fish through the water and gain some line, he will test your will undoing all your hard sweat-drenched labor with a few more quick swipes of its big’ol tail.  This fish schools and non-stop hookups are very common as are client requests to leave the school behind in search of fish which don’t as heavily tax your arms and back. 

King & Spanish Mackerel
(1 - 60 pounds)
These speedsters are every bit as toothy as the barracuda, but more common table fare.  King mackerel are a more constant features in South Florida waters, while spanish mackerel more seasonal in nature.  Both of the mackerall duo are powerful fighters making blistering runs and sky high jumps.  These speedsters will make your reel sing that magical music all anglers love to hear; ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz!!! (and no, we are not talking about sleeping!)

Snapper, Sheepshead,
Lookdown (1 - 5 pounds)
Though often overlooked as these fish lack the size of some other species, these fish do not disappoint when it comes to table fare!  Some anglers prefer non-stop action as we visit spot to spot in pursuit of a cooler full of tasty fillets!  Don’t be surprised to hear the reel sing when we break out the sporting tackle to properly present the baits to these delectible critters! 

Mystery Fish?
Every now and then we hook into a mystery fish that has always stayed one up on us!  When we fish the bridges, he burns us in the pilings.  When we fish with steel cable he bends the hook.  When we fish with 20/0 hooks he spools us!  Perhaps one day a warrior angler will step aboard and pull this mighty fish from his lair like pulling Excalibur from the sword in the stone!
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