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 Fishing Adventure
 Pricing  Description
 5 hour half day trip

$375 ($80/hr)

 Our basic package affording plenty of opportunities to tangle with mogans.  We can go after what's biting hottest in the bay or target a species of your preference.  One of the best things about fishing from the tropical rich waters of South Florida is that huge game-fish are here year-round!
 8 hour full day trip

 $595 ($75/hr)


 We offer discounts on extended trips starting from 8 hours extending to multiple day packages.  We teach you how to "Read the Water" through changing tidal flow, weather conditions and bait patterns.  This is when sport fishing begins to take on a life of its own.  You will learn to start thinking like the game fish and modify your tactics for more opportunities with trophy fish!

Rates same as above

  When the sun is high in the sky and the fish aren't actively feeding; hop in the water & test your skills with the spear gun!  Success is based upon a combination of water clarity, shooting ability & of course, fish activity.  To enjoy spearfishing you should be able to swim comfortably without spooking all the fish!  Note, we have great success shark fishing while cleaning our catch watching the sun set over the beautiful Miami Skyline and anglers often enjoy combining these two trips. 
 Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding & Tubing!

Rates same as above

 Wakeboarding is a great way to enjoy time on the water if fishing isn't your idea of fun.  We recommend learning to wakeboard in the smooth calm waters of our inland lakes.  Once you have the basics down its up to you to show off your moves in front of the locals at the sandbar or work on some tricks back on the lake!
Children's learn to fish program

1) The basics (casting, retrieving & feeling the bite)
2) Knots
3) Types of fish
4) Live Baiting
5) Fishing with artificials
6) Child vs. parent showdown! 
We don't pretend to be able to be able to teach in one day the secrets and tactics that have taken a lifetime to accumulate.  We teach this program in a series of trips/classes; each focused on a new topic.

Package total $1,495 (30% off one-time rates)

 The passion for fishing usually begins at an early age for most anglers (feel free to read my story on my Bio page).  Many nostalgic family memories involve spending time outdoors with a simple hook & bobber.

With our children's fishing program we access safe fishing spots (away from overcrowded loud public access points) where youngsters can get a feel for the basics while reeling in dinner!  This program is flexible for families looking to fish together, and to young anglers who want to fish more than their parents can.  Watching a child learn the basics and grow as an angler is every bit as rewarding as watching a seasoned veteran fool a 200 pound tarpon with a fly rod.  Children are the future of the sport and I take great pride in teaching them how to respect the water and become the next angling world record holder!
Survival Expeditions
(Kayak or Boat)

-8 hour day trip

-Overnight camping adventure
8 hour day trip starts at $595

Please contact us for additional information and availability.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if one day the power just went out, basic services ceased and grocery stores stopped carrying food?  The ocean is a tremendous resource but few people know how to capitalize on its bounty.  We offer fun educational survival expeditions to survivalists looking to be closer to nature or even replicate living on a deserted island.  You will learn to see things no one else does and make the water your friend!

To reserve a date for your private fishing trip please visit the Booking & Contact Info tab.  If you have a boat and prefer to fish aboard your vessel (popular option for the Children's learn to fish program) we are happy to work out a reduced rate.

Conservation Policy
Please note that Capt Rich strongly encourages catch and release fishing.  We gladly take home responsible legal catches but carefully release fish in quantities too large to be enjoyably consumed.  Over 90% of my catches are still roaming the shadows growing larger and replenishing the species for the next generation of anglers! 
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